Industrial products

Industrial applications and solar boilers

Flexible metal hoses for industrial applications

Flexible metallic hoses are used in different industrial sectors including solar energy boilers. Sitef offers made-to-measure solutions according to the customer’s specific requirements and the application sector.

Flexible metal hoses for solar boilers

Sitef designs and manufactures corrugated heat exchangers made of stainless steel, which are mainly used in the so-called multifunction or polyvalent boilers. In these boilers, the system, on the one hand, makes the heating water coming from thermal energy generators circulate inside the tank, and, on the other hand, makes the water employed for sanitary use circulate inside the corrugated coil. Heat exchange takes place through the corrugated hose made of stainless steel placed inside the boiler and the hot water contained in it.

Flexible metal hoses for industrial applications and solar boilers

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Industrial products

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