Sitef manufactures and supplies high-technology corrugated stainless steel and strip wound flexible metal hoses for industrial, commercial and residential applications. With a 3,500 sqm. production area, Sitef operates in both the civil and industrial sector. The company’s twenty years of experience in manufacturing flexible metal hoses, with the knowledge and technologically advanced tools made available by the Alfagomma Group, turn Sitef into a state-of-the-art company with finished products completely made in Italy. These products are characterised by quality and reliability, and are aimed at meeting the needs of all customers, with made-to-measure solutions.

Flexible metal hoses are used in the following applications:

  • In gaseous and liquid fluid transfer systems where high resistance to pressure or high vacuum is required
  • In systems where it is necessary to absorb and compensate for thermal expansion
  • Between elements of a structure to compensate and absorb static and/or dynamic misalignments
  • In systems where it is necessary to absorb and compensate for vibrations
  • In installations where components are subject to high temperatures or corrosion
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